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    The world someone has school have school has “three A”

    Service hotline+86-768-6202539

    Keywords: Teaching chalk dust-free chalk Process chalk Toy chalk Six arrises chalk


    Mobile phone:+86.13715726066 


    The phone:+86-768-6202539



    The url: www.iphonewx.com.cn

    Address:Guangdong chaozhou xiang bridge phosphorus creek town industrial zone after the tower

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    Guangdong chaozhou xiang bridge zhiheng chalk factory (manufacturing)


      Guangdong chaozhou xiang bridge zhiheng chalk factory, founded in 1988, was built in the development zone, hubei yingcheng aspen years moved to guangdong chaozhou xiang bridge/phosphorus creek town development zone set up branch.


      Our company is specializing in the production of "three A", "three ji" brand of high-grade dustless chalk, teaching process, hexagonal chalk chalk chalk, toys, ship chalk, garment tailor's chalk, medicine, chalk, cone head, calcium carbonate, hardcover chalk chalk chalk, cockroach chalk, painting, chalk, rockets head chalk, marking chalk, timber, foreign trade, six arrises chalk chalk chalk, barrel chalk, environmental protection, industrial chalk chalk, and other all sorts of modelling of chalk, etc.There are more than 20 years of professional production experience and advanced production management process, with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, and production, supply, sales, as one of the regular production co., LTD.


      Production of "three A", "three ji" brand high-grade dustless chalk, now sold throughout the country, well received by many schools and teachers.Products exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, South Korea, Japan, Russia, kazakhstan, and the Middle East.The quality of the product quality has passed the exports Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea testing standard, there are "self-care inspection unit for the record registration certificate", can be directly develop foreign trade business.Ensure smooth customs clearance.


      The company is located in known as "hill sea state" known as the national excellent culture of ancient city - chaozhou.From the special economic zone of shantou is only 40 kilometers.Inland logistics developed, the goods all over the country, Marine traffic is very convenient!


      After decades of development, the chalk volume increasing, our general manager Mr. Li in determining the strategic expansion of yingcheng, hubei province, factory formation has a chalk factory in chaozhou, guangdong province, south, north YingCheng chalk factory in hubei province, to build logistics national civil general situation;The factory covers an area of 12000 square, the existing staff of more than 1000 people, has cream powder factory, chalk factory, gypsum handicraft factory and packaging plant co., LTD., for large trading companies at home and abroad to provide OEM.Products for export processing trade type enterprise, more than 80% of exports.Factory owns France imported full automatic die mold and all kinds of manual nearly 600 sets, with automatic drying equipment and integration to dry shed, the largest production capacity every day, a 20 foot container minimum monthly output is about 36000000 PCS.Is currently the largest domestic manufacturer of chalk.


      The main products are:


    1, CaCO3 high-grade dustless chalk, cylindrical, 80 mm long, 10 mm in diameter, weighing 10 g/PCS, mainly exported to the United States, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany;

    2, high-grade CaSO4 dustless chalk, cylindrical, 80 mm long, 10 mm in diameter, weighing 5 g/PCS, mainly exported to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany;

    3, SIDEWALK CHALK (marking CHALK), conical, bottled, bulk 25 mm, small head 22 mm, 105 mm long, 35 g/PCS are mainly exported to Hong Kong, the United States;

    4, a rectangular chalk square), 10 mm in diameter, 90 mm long and 8 g/PCS, mainly exported to the United States, Canada;

    5, the common chalk, conical, big head 10 mm, small head 8 mm, 74 mm, 80 mm and 83 mm long three, mainly exported to South Africa, Libya, Egypt, the Middle East, Russia, Brazil, Tanzania and other countries.

    6, hexagonal chalk for hexagonal prisms (section), big diameter 12 mm, small head diameter 9 mm, 74 mm long;5 g/PCS, are mainly exported to South Africa, Russia, etc.;

    7, the magical medicine pen (section for elliptic, has special effects to the cockroaches ants, ruling) for human head 20 mm diameter, small head 18 mm in diameter, 74 mm long;Mainly exported to South Africa, the Middle East and other countries;

    8, triangle chalk (cross section are triangular prism), 95 mm long, 15 mm high, mainly exported to the United States, Canada;

    9, each form different chalk to research and development, processing and production.

    10, supply gypsum pillow.


    The company chairman Mr. Li in the rate of all my colleagues to the domestic and foreign merchants solemnly promises:

    The company to "quality first, service first" for the purpose

    Smile to meet Chinese and foreign merchants, sincere to friends!

    Your presence is our honor, our quality is your reliable guarantee.

    Someone in the world there is a school (school)

    The school is the "three A" pen (chalk)

    Let us work together to create a win-win!


    Company email: zhihengfenbi@163.com

    The company service telephone: + 86-768-6202539

    Fax: + 86-768-6204292

    General manager Mr. Li on the phone: + 86.13715726066

    The company's web site: http://www.iphonewx.com.cn